Jog-A-Dog with the SPCA

Volunteer Running Program with the SPCA in Dublin

Jog-A-Dog from Amy Fields

To introduce myself, I'm a volunteer with a local non-profit organization, the East Bay SPCA, in Dublin. Late in 2012, a longtime runner myself, I approached the shelter staff about a program idea I had for runners from the community to pair with shelter dogs for daily runs. The staff was receptive to the idea and the program, known as Jog-a-Dog, has been in place for about a year now. 

I'm happy to say that 100's of runs and miles have been logged with many dogs so far; with no advertising. For 2014 and beyond, the goal is to begin advertising and grow the program to include more volunteer runners so more dogs can receive exercise and enrichment while they await adoption.

Generally speaking, the Dublin SPCA requests "a weekly commitment for at least six months and at least eight hours per month." However, for the Jog-A-Dog program, it's just requested that volunteer runners participate in a session at least once per month for as many months as possible. Ideal candidates will be available to participate in more than one session per month on a long term basis. As for time per session, most sessions are 1.5 hours. There is currently one exception of a 45 minute session on Tuesday afternoons.

The training for Jog-A-Dog is approximately 4 hours total, 2 hours for each of the two training sessions.

Review the below postcard or go to East Bay SPCA for more information:
Jog a Dog SPCA 

Jog a dog SPCA 

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