Secrets of her Success

In May of 2013, Jen A. Miller accomplished what a lot of runners only dream about: she finished a marathon, and set a new personal best (lopping 15 minutes off of her first attempt), and she lost 25 pounds along the way. But the emotional and physical strength Miller gained on the way to the starting line amounted to much more than anything that could be summed up by digits on a finish-line clock or a bathroom scale. Along with blisters, speed, and newfound fitness, running gave Miller a new understanding of the fact that she was way stronger than she imagined.

In her memoir Running: A Love Story (Seal Press, 2016), Miller recounts her decade-long journey from her first 5-K to her fifth marathon. She shared her top tips on how to get fitter, faster, and develop a love for running that lasts for life. Here are six of the secrets to her success.

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