Wow what a difference a year makes!!!!!!

We received this great email from Patricia, a woman that participated in our recent half marathon class and finished the San Francisco Rock n Roll with a big smile on her face. Thank you Patricia, this is why we do what we do.

"Wow what a difference a year makes!!!!!!  I was never a runner and really had no interest in running.  Due to family health issues with my brother and sister, I did not want to follow down  their same path.  In December 2011, I walked into Fleet Feet to purchase shoes, when I saw your flyer for No Boundaries Beginner 5k class and signed up.  I remember at the time, I could barely run for thirty seconds, but completed the class running a 1/4 interval.  I then registered  for the Intermediate 10k class and thinking again during the first day what am I doing here, i can't run 6 miles that's just crazy. About halfway through training i found myself thinking maybe I'll signed up for the half marathon. The Dublin Shamrock 5k run was my 1 yr. anniversary which I slashed 4 mins off my last years time while running 90% of race nonstop.   Here we are, just days away from my 1st official half marathon race.  Looking back once again to the first day just 13 short weeks ago and thinking to myself,13 MILES is insane! Did I mention 13 MILES, which thus far has been the farthest I have ever run.   All your coaching and mentoring has provided a strong foundation and has prepared me for this weekends race.  I am confident in knowing I can do it!  My journey thus far was only possible with all the support YOU, your entire staff and mentors have offered along the way, with a special Thank you to Katy.  I'm fit, I'm strong, I'm a runner Thanks to Fleet Feet!!!!

What next in my journey, TRIATHLON........MARATHON...........???????"

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