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A Form of Therapy

JoAnne's story of how she came to run, in JoAnne's words A little over two years ago my husband of 26 years died of cancer. I was devastated. We had a wonderful marriage and of course thought we would be together forever. As I am sure you can imagine this was a very difficult…

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We Are Unstoppable

For more than 100 years, the Boston Marathon has given many people a sense of joy, accomplishment, resolve and victory. The finish line symbolizes the culmination of weeks, months and even years of hard work and dedication. But on Monday, an unknown entity attempted to strike down that happi…

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Wow what a difference a year makes!!!!!!

We received this great email from Patricia, a woman that participated in our recent half marathon class and finished the San Francisco Rock n Roll with a big smile on her face. Thank you Patricia, this is why we do what we do. "Wow what a difference a year makes!!!!!!  I was never a ru…

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A Whole New Life at 64

Meet Terry K, a true inspiration we've had the pleasure to get to know and his Grape Stomp race report: At age 62 my doctor had me on blood pressure, cholesterol, and diuretic medicines.  I was tilting the scales at 357 pounds.  At my annual physical, he convinced me that I needed…

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Break Your Bad Running Habits

Break Your Bad Running Habits By Kara Mayer RobinsonRunner's World In 2001, Melisa Christian was a 3:30 marathoner plagued by stomach cramps and frequent porta-potty stops. But she never sought a doctor's help. "I thought it was either a normal part of training or race-day anxiety," sa…

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Running On Empty by Joe T

Many of us started our running, walking or workout programs to lose weight.  That is the main reason I started running twenty plus years ago.  I was a former collegiate swimmer who had tired of the smell of chlorine but still loved the smell and taste of pizza, burgers and French f…

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Be The Movement by Joe Tarkowski

Be the Movementby Joe Tarkowski, Cancer Survivor and Marathoner A body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to remain in motion.  Newton’s First Law of Motion, otherwise known as inertia, may explain why it is so difficult to start a new project, begin a new w…

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Why We Don't Use a Foot Scanner

Written by: Stephanie Blozey, Fleet Feet Sports West Hartford, CT Many people wonder why we don't use a "foot scanner" that you can step on to determine what shoe or insole is right for you. These computerized scanners, which are being installed in drug stores and superstores, show your foo…

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