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Fleet Feet Sports Pleasanton is dedicated to helping you live a healthy, active lifestyle. We are passionate about helping others realize their personal fitness goals. Our training programs offer structured workouts, dedicated coaching, educational clinics, and plenty of motivation and support to keep you going from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to get started in a fitness program, accomplish a new goal, or are seeking a group to keep you motivated, our programs deliver results.

5K Learn to Run: We can help you learn to run/walk a 5k (3.1 miles) with our national No Boundaries beginner running program! This is a supportive, non-competitive class for anyone that can already power walk 1 mile. Join the fun and see what you can accomplish! Spring and fall classes.  

Learn more about No Boundaries 5k

Half Marathon Training: We utilize the run/walk method to help you reach your 13.1 mile goals. This class is perfect for first-timers or those that want company and to have fun while training for your next half marathon. Spring and fall training options:

Learn more about Spring Half training for the Livermore Half Marathon.
Learn more about Fall Half training for Big Sur Half Marathon.

Trail Running Program: New Trail Running Program coming in January!  The goal race will be the Grizzly Peak Trail Run on April 15th, 2017 with an option of  a 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or a 50K.  This is a non-coached, casual group, but offers weekly Sunday long runs, training programs if you need one, advice and encouragement and a private Facebook group. This group is operated via the Fleet Feet Pleasanton Race Club.  Learn More about our Trail Running Program!

Fleet Feet Pleasanton Race Club: The Fleet Feet Race Club is for anyone that supports Fleet Feet, loves to race (no matter your pace), and wants company on long runs on Sundays. Private Facebook group, fun, support and encouragement. Learn more about Fleet Feet Pleasanton Race Club.

Swim Training for Triathletes and Swimmers: This class will help those that want to improve their swimming and be more comfortable in the water for triathlon and those swimmers that simply want to swim better. Videotape swim analysis included with this class! Learn more about Swim Training for Triathletes and Swimmers. 

Triathlon 101 Training: If you've always wanted to do a triathlon but weren't sure how to start, we are here for you. There is a strong emphasis on swim training, along with running and biking workouts, a transition clinic and practice triathlon to get you ready for a sprint triathlon. Learn more about Triathlon 101 Training. 

Fleet Feet Drop-in Run Club: The Fleet Feet run club is for everyone, whether you run or walk. These group runs are free. It is a non-competitive, social group where you can run or walk at your own pace. Learn more about Fleet Feet Drop-in Run Club.


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