Beginner 5k Training - Spring '19

Welcome to our Beginner 5k Training Program!

Often, the first step is the hardest and that's why No Boundaries was created.  This program is your first step to a new and healthier lifestyle. It utilizes the run/walk method of training and very gently increases the distance and run time each week. We start with one mile, and run one minute and walk two minutes. Nine weeks later, our training run is 3.25 miles in which we run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute. Little by little each week, you grow and build upon the previous week. This is a supportive, non-competitive class for anyone that can already power walk 1 mile. Join the fun and see what you can accomplish!

In April 2019, we will also be offering a 10K class for those who would like to continue on to the 10K distance.  Read more about our 10K group here.  Purchase BOTH the Spring '19 5K and 10K classes for just $85!

Information Meeting: TBD

Spring '19 5K Program Dates: Week of January 28th - March 30th, 2019

Workout Times: Group workouts are Saturdays at 8 AM at Fleet Feet for a coached run.

  • First week of training: Monday, January 28th
  • First group workout: Saturday, February 2nd

Goal Race: Roanne's Race on March 30th.  Please plan to participate! It's your graduation day!

Program benefits:

  • 9 weeks of training
  • Expert coaching
  • Mentors to encourage you
  • Cool tech training tee
  • Education on running form, shoes, sports bras, injury prevention and more
  • Email support from your coach
  • A complete 9 week training program
  • Water or Nuun electrolyte drink at each run
  • Encouragement, support, and FUN!

Recommended Activity Level: You must be able to power walk at least one mile, three times per week. You cannot be injured.

Price: $50 for the 5K class ONLY, or $85 for the Spring '19 5K/10K Bundle (+ processing fee).  Cost does not include race fee!

Registration Info:

  • No participants under the age of 18.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • Limited to 50 participants.
  • Registration fee does not include race entry fee.

Registration Coming Soon!

Beginner 5k Training - Spring '19 More Info »

Program Start: January 15th
Goal Race: Shamrock Run
Program Fee: $50
Description: No Boundaries Beginner 5k training is perfect for anyone wanting to get started running, but not sure how!

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