Train for a Half Marathon with Us!

13.1 Spring Edition


Welcome to Fleet Feet Pleasanton's Half marathon (13.1 miles) Training Program. This program is friendly for both the first time half marathoner and the person that wants to feel stronger at the finish of their next 13.1. We use the run/walk method of training to help you reach your goals in a non-competitive and fun group environment. The first group long run is 6 miles. A good base will help you to succeed in the half marathon distance.

Program Dates: January 25 - March 26, 2016

Goal RaceLivermore Half Marathon March 26, 2016

Group Workouts: Tuesdays at 6:30pm for a hill or track workout, and Saturdays at 8am for the long run at Fleet Feet (this is the key workout).

Program Benefits:

  • A 9 week written training plan
  • Twice weekly workouts
  • Expert coaching by Ethan Falls, level 1 USAT, Good Form Running and Fleet Feet Coach Certified
  • Videotaped running form analysis
  • Private Facebook group
  • Cool technical training shirt
  • Starter pack of gels
  • Water or Nuun electrolyte replacement at all workouts
  • Weekly discussions on running form, nutrition, and hydration
  • Email support from your coach
  • Encouragement, support, and FUN!

Price: $99

Program Requirements:
 You need to be comfortable running or run/walking 6 miles at a 13 minute pace or faster. You should be running 3 times per week, with a total of 15 miles or more, and must not be injured. This mileage is our first week of training and we increase from there. We know if you are comfortable at this distance at the start, you'll have more fun, be less likely to get injured and be successful!

How to Register

  • Online registration
  • In store registration
  • Limited to 50 participants
  • Registration closes January 24 or when class is full
  • Refunds or exchanges through Feb 1 only
  • Registration fee does not include race entry fee
  • There is no wait list
  • No participants under age 18

Questions about the program?  Please email Mark Miller

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Program Start: Next Spring 2017
Program Fee: ex: $100 excluding race fee

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